As Quakers, more formally called Members of the Society of Friends or simply, Friends, we seek the inner light which directs our lives.  Our faith in the Truth within each person challenges us to reconcile our inner reflections with lives that manifest the simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship testimonies.

The belief in the Divine within each person and the interconnected nature of all things leads Friends to a deep conviction that the world’s problems can be resolved in peaceful ways.

This page has information about Quaker faith, our history in Switzerland, the social projects we support, and our events.

Most groups are moving to in-person meeting but continuing to meet virtually. Please contact us if you would like a link to join a meeting.

Quakers worldwide are also continuing to meet virtually. Here is a link to see how to join those meetings. For videos about Quaker meeting click here.

Welcome Friend!

Good to see you Friend

Swiss Quakers are returning to in-person meeting while maintaining virtual meetings.    Contact Switzerland YM or the clerk of the group in your area for more details or consult this page.

Upcoming events for Swiss Quakers

Retreat in Montmirail, 17-19 February 2023 on the theme of dreams

Annual gathering on the Herzberg, 26-29 May on the theme of "Yes we can"

Quaker Statement on Ukraine

Peace is a pillar Quaker testimony.  Swiss Quakers join Friends worldwide in calling for peace and alternatives to violence.  

Statements from the American Friends Service Committee here and from British Quakers here.

Renewing Europe after the Pandemic

QCEA calls on institutions, national governments, and local authorities responsible for launching Europe's recovery from COVID-19.

European Quakers call on rebuild a better Europe by:

  • Ensuring livelihood security.
  • Building inclusive communities.
  • Fostering a world which is sustainable and without conflict.

Full text here.

Un Renouveau pour l'Europe après la pandémie

 texte en Francais disponible ici.

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