As Quakers, more formally called Members of the Society of Friends or simply, Friends, we seek the inner light which directs our lives.  Our faith in the Truth within each person challenges us to reconcile our inner reflections with lives that manifest the simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship testimonies.

The belief in the Divine within each person and the interconnected nature of all things leads Friends to a deep conviction that the world’s problems can be resolved in peaceful ways.

This page has information about Quaker faith, our history in Switzerland, the social projects we support, and our events.

Because of the current health situation, most groups are meeting virtually. Please contact us if you would like a link to join a meeting.

Quakers worldwide are meeting virtually. Here is a link to see how to join those meetings. For videos about Quaker meeting click here.

Welcome Friend!

coping with COVID 19

Due to the pandemic, Quakers in Switzerland are meeting virtually.  Contact Switzerland YM or the clerk of the group in your area.

Consult this page to find out when and how worships groups are moving to in-person meetings.

Geneva MM Spiritual Deepening Sessions

Wednesdays 18.30 for mid-week worship, 19.00-20.00 discussion or worship sharing.  For access details, contact Spiritual Care Committee. If you are not currently on the Geneva MM mailing list, you may also let the committee if you want to stay informed about activities.

During the SD sessions, we explore topics of interest to Friends.  Recent topics have included:  Taizé-style worship, meditative movement, l’Atelier Oeceménique de Théologie, and death.  We are always open to new ideas for sessions, please let us know of your interests.

If you missed a session, you may check the blog section which will include notes as well as references to books or web resources.

This Wednesday 20 Januars 2021 the theme will be sustainability and the talk will be facilitated by a Friend from Loughborough Meeting which has created a handbook for living sustainably (scroll to the bottom to access the pdf).

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