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Religious Society of Friends - Swiss Quakers

Friends, click here to visit our website:

(currently hosted at Squarespace).

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For all swiss Friends :
    The usual dossiers :   /ge ,   /archives , etc.
    are still reachable as they were previously.

For the Clerks (and others Officials) :
    The oML is (still) at this address www.swiss-quakers.ch/oml , up and running.

For Rorie, Simeon, Michel or Mario:
The server upgrade at Infomaniak is DONE. You are now on the new server & console.
Visiting www.swiss-quakers.ch brings you here the first time...
From here, you can visit our current web site hosted at squarespace (Click the link above)
But if you want to enter our WordPress project, you need FIRST to → set a cookie
When the cookie is set, the Wordpress project will appear directly at →   www.swiss-quakers.ch
(and the redirection will stay "ON" until you close your browser).

As usual for Wordpress, its administration page is there: →   www.swiss-quakers.ch/wp-admin

If you need help about any of this, call me at (076) 425-4810   –Mario