What do Friends mean by “right ordering”?  Here are two definitions given by Friends.

Right ordering – done in the correct manner, in keeping with Quaker tradition and practice. A body of wisdom and insights that has evolved over three hundred years of seeking the guidance of the Spirit, it is captured in part by the Book of discipline, but only in part. (from

RIGHT ORDERING – Those procedures for the conduct of Friends business and witness that encourage a meeting or Friends organization to carry out its business and activities under divine leading. The term “good ordering” is also used in this sense.  (from

These are definitions and as such are “the way things are supposed to work within the Society.  As usual, life on the ground can get a bit muddier!”  With that in mind, our discussion may touch not only on the “what” and “how-to” of “right ordering” but also the why, the challenges, and the gifts of this process.  Attached are queries to BYM’s Eldership and Oversight resource book chapter on “right ordering.” 

There is also this thought-provoking blog on authority and leadership within the society

 Further resources and examples

An internet search of “faith and practice around the world” reveals a trove of examples.

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