In December 2021 Church and Peace, the European ecumenical peace church network of communities, training centres, peace organisations, and peace service agencies held a discussion on “how to dismantle white privilege.”

As part of this evening, this resource list was compiled by Rev. Jill Marsh.

The report of this discussion entitled “Racism – an Urgent Concern for Peace Churches” is available on the Church and Peace website.

The last slide presented on the evening included these following points on White Privilege:

  • Recognize our own prejudice
  • Commit to being anti-racist
  • Listen, read, watch… other perspectives
  • Ask questions about anything you see as being racist
  • Challenge injustice
  • Open conversations with (other) White people
  • Seek reparations
  • Check out with friends
  • Introduce yourself as a recovering racist
  • Use social media

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